Surf Legends: Occy, Pottz, Archy, Fletcher And The Toms

A Surfstitch x Stance colab

The word ‘legend’ is thrown around a lot these days, but when you’re referring to surf legends of the 70’s, 80’s & 90’s era, only a select few truly deserve the title. Through the words and the lens of Photographer Jeff Divine, short film ‘Surf Legends’ focusses on the most iconic photographs in surfing history, featuring the real legends of the sport.

From the Tom Carrolls Millenium snap at Pipeline to Matt Archbolds signature hack at off the wall, Occy’s memorable stall at sunset to Tom Currens gouge at off the wall and more. Each vintage photo form the basis for Stance’s new collection, Surf Legends, Shop here for Aus | Shop here for US

Watch ‘Surf Legends’ – starring: Tom Carroll, Occy, Martin Potter, Matt Archbold, Christian Fletcher, and Tom Curren.

Archy Off The Wall | Photo: Jeff Divine

Curren at Off The Wall | Photo: Jeff Divine

Tom Carroll snap at Pipe | Photo: Jeff Divine

Occy under the lip at Sunset | Photo: Jeff Divine