That Time Bruce Irons Surfed Teahupoo Blindfolded

Still as rad today as it was back in 2012, the gents at STAB mag approached Bruce Irons to surf Teahupoo blindfolded, that’s right, blindfolded! Of Course, Bruce, undoubtably one of the greatest backhand tuberiders of all time, a pipe master, Teahupoo Code Red part taker and all round hellman down in Mexico at triple over head said yes.

When you’ve been backhand tube riding your whole life you get pretty damn good at feeling out the wave, watch Bruce feel right at home in the barrel completely blind. 

‘You just paddle onto a wave like you usually paddle onto a wave but with panties on your head’

Film by Chris Bryan
Stills by Morgan Maassen and Domenic Mosqueira
Surf forecasting by Magic Seaweed
Blindfolds by Sam Elsom
Underwear by Tweeds
Clip by Shinya Dalby

Watch Bruce surf Teahupoo with a flare strapped to him.