The Adventures of Surf Photographer Johnny Jungle

Know the name Johnny Jungle? You’d certainly know his work. 

Johnny Jungle aka John Barton is the man behind the lens of some of the best surf photography in the biz. Johnny J dropped the hustle and bustle of everyday life in Australia to pursue a passion for surf photography some time back, and where else to reside other than the Mentawai Islands.

‘I packed up my life, put it all on the line and moved out here to the Mentawai Islands 5 years ago where I have since worked as a photographer and a surf-guide and loved every second of it.’ Johnny Jungle says

Filmmaker Owen Milne did a recent trip out to the Mentawai Islands and was lucky enough to link up with Johnny Jungle.

‘I was super intrigued with the lifestyle that Johnny lives shooting for 10 months of the year in the Mentawais producing some of the most amazing images from Indonesia today. I decided to sit down with him and ask a few questions’ Owen tells Garage.

Check out the adventures of Johnny Jungle through the lens of Owen Milne. What a life.


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