The Dinghy Derby is Nothing Short of Mental

The RedBull Dinghy Derby has been around for many years now and it’s still as mental as the day it started. Jump right into the drivers seat with this clip from RedBull, showing some highlights at the helm of the wildest suped up dinghys from the 2016 showdown.

Just incase you are unfamiliar with the Dinghy Derby, here’s a few points outlining just how crazy this niche sport is:

  • Participants modify the everyday tin dinghy (tinny) into 30+HP lightweight speed machines
  • These psychos race down narrow rivers and creeks (often only just wider than their boat) at over 90km/h
  • Trees, banks, mangroves, submerged logs and sharp, narrow corners – just a few things that could throw the navigator or driver from the boat at any time
  • This isn’t just a quick dash up the river. It’s a 100km circuit around the Murray River basin in South-East Australia
  • They race for over an hour straight!
  • It’s been around since 1981 – established to settle a bet between two mates over who was the faster dinghy pilot


Bottom line… it’s mental. And it’s gotta the craziest motor/water sport going around. Want more insane RedBull content? Checkout out our Red Bull Collection.