The Diverse Surfing and Quiver of Harrison Roach

South To Sian: A Deus Ex Machina x Garage Production | Available exclusively on Garage July 15

Nothing quite beats the feeling of buying a brand spanking new craft. Bringing it home and laying it down to grip up and wax up, deciding on a thruster set up or quad then christening it out at your local beachie, it feels like all your Christmases have come at once.


Imagine this feeling times 20 and that changeable quad fin is a mixed quiver of fishes, mid-lengths, shortboards and longboards with fin combinations of singles, twinnies, thrusters, quads and bonzas. Then being handed the opportunity to ride that quiver in flawless Indonesian conditions, from two foot peelers that run along a sand bottom point to 10 foot dreamy, hollow tubes that slab over shallow reefs.  

This is a reality for Deus team rider, Harrison Roach. Harry was blessed to ride the hand shapes of some of the world’s finest board craftsmen during a 6 month road trip across the Indonesian Archipelago in search of perfect waves for Deus Ex Machina and Dustin Humphrey’s latest travel, surf and moto film, South To Sian.

‘We ended up with close to twenty boards that ranged in size from 4’11 to 10’0. A little over the top we admit, but when you can, why not?”

‘My quiver is the result of the shapers in residency program that the Deus Temple Of Enthusiasm runs. I get the opportunity to work with a crazy array of shapers. Guys like Bob Mctavish, Rich Pavel, Neal Purchase Jnr, Thomas Bexon…its one of the best things about working with Deus. I’ve got some weird complex too where I can’t ride the same boards all the time. Almost every time I surf I ride something different. It’s how I stay inspired. Longboards, thrusters, bonzers… it doesn’t matter” Says Harrison 

Watch Harrison showcase his diverse Rasta-esque skills on all breeds of shapes and fin combo’s in all types of waves in this exclusive edit from the movie.

South To Sian will be available to watch worldwide July 15 only on Garage Entertainment, here.

Photo credits: Anthony Dodd | Woody G