‘The Fourth Phase’ Australian Premiere Starring Travis Rice

It’s been nearly four years since the release of The Art Of Flight and eight years since Travis Rice blessed us with That’s It That’s All, both ground-breaking films in their own right. Now, the time has finally come for the next chapter in Travis Rice’s cinematic film releases – it’s time for the world to experience The Fourth Phase.


On Tuesday night something next level, something new and something mind blowing went down in Sydney – yep, that’s right, the Australian premiere of Travis Rice’s third film, The Fourth Phase happened. 1400 T-Rice lovers packed the Star City casino, a place better known to the punters for a big night out than a premiere venue. The crowd of all sorts jammed into the huge two storey theatre where Travis Rice, Nick Hyne, Ben Ferguson and LWA’s Mitchy Tomlinson sat front and centre with mic in hand hyping the frothing crowd for what was about to happen next – 90 minutes of pure cinematic gold. As the lights dimmed, the projectionist flicked the go switch and a fierce base rumbled through the crowd, The Fourth Phase had began and we were in for a real treat.


1400 people walked in with an eager anticipated look on their faces and two hours later walked out stunned yet satisfied, Travis had done it again.


We’re giving Australia the chance to experience the The Fourth Phase in cinemas across the country, head to www.thefourthphase.com.au to book now, be quick though, cinemas are selling out fast!


All images by our pals at Life Without Andy