The South To Sian Journals – Chapter 3

Harrison Roach presents a weekly ten-part blog series taking us behind the scenes of Deus ex Machina’s South To Sian, directed by Dustin Humphrey.

South To Sian: The Movie

From Lombok, heading west we chugged over a stretch of ocean in a car ferry bound for Bali.

After packing up our gear and leaving the heaving swell, Zye Norris and I each wore a handful of new “tiger stripes” on our skin. When you bounce off the reef during sessions like the ones we’d just had you tend to come away second best. The eventual scars would remain, testament to our time at the infamous wave, but wounds don’t heal and scar around those parts until you give them time to dry out. Attempting to speed up the process, we moved into the mountains to where the humidity drops with the temperature. Plain and simple, it was time to do some riding.

On the backside of one of Bali’s famous volcanoes there’s a sea of volcanic sand that seems to have been perfectly engineered for a motorcyclist’s entertainment. It’s a place full of two-wheeled terrain that excited the hell out of us when we saw it.

The first proper ride of our trip was one to remember, but it wasn’t until Agi Agassi rolled up that we really started to experience what the place had to offer. Agi is a great Indonesian rider with a love for custom two-strokes. He’s also as fast as a bat out of hell, and on his tour around the place we ate more dust than we would’ve liked. Nonetheless, it wouldn’t have been the same without him and he taught us a great deal. Local insight always heightens the experience. Agi showed us places that we could never have imagined existed.

And of course, the boys were there with their cameras to capture it all.

All photos: @anthonydodds