The Untouched Project – Sunny Side Of The Alps

There are only a handful of Snowboarders and skiers we can think of that hail from Slovenia, surprising, the powder is bottomless and the alpine lines of Slovenia are endless, the crew at Legit Films are putting these guys on the map with their outstanding new film production The Untouched Project – Sunny Side Of The Alps, if you’ve seen their debut film The Untouched Project 1 you’ll know what i’m talking about.

UntouchedProject-SunnySideOfTheAlps_byKatja-Pokorn_09BLOG The team is “veteran division” with their most seasoned and experienced riders in both ski and board, Bine Žalohar, Matevž Maček, Domen Bizjak and Matevž Pristavec, with the “youngbuck division” and the new acquisitions to the team, who bring a fresh and creative approach to the sport and spots. The new forces are Luka Podlogar, Žiga Rakovec, Žiga Erlač, Mitja Kodrič, and Andraž Šparovec. Keep an eye out, you’ll be seeing pleanty more of these guys in the future. UntouchedProject-SunnySideOfTheAlps_byKatja-Pokorn_08_BLOG The Untouched Project – Sunny Side Of The Alps is the most rounded film we have seen this year featuring some of the best back country sessions with the deepest pow Slovenia has to offer backed up with a mental urban / street section from both board and ski, watch these lads tear apart the streets of Slovenia, hitting bridges, basketball hoops and anything else they can launch off. UntouchedProject-SunnySideOfTheAlps_byKatja-Pokorn_03_BLOG

The Untouched Project – Sunny Side Of The Alps is the film of the week on Garage, go check it out.