After 6 long years the prestigious Eddie Aikau Invitational has finally been green-lit to kick off tomorrow morning.

In this edition of #Tournotes, we get insight into weaponry and strategy for the event. JJF talks quick release leg ropes and training food “fresh beets from the garden’, Sunny Garcia talks POV footage, his beast of a 10’5 Pyzel gun and the anti vest wearing tactic “Eddie wouldn’t wear a vest” ‘If you’ve gotta wear a vest, you shouldn’t be out there” and Kelly talks banter with Strider and strategy “You just wanna be in that pocket where you just barely get around it….that’s the perfect spot”.

According the WSL The Eddie requires waves more than 20 feet (40-foot faces) to run, looks like we’re in for a show. 

The boys are all geared up and ready to rumble, bring on The Eddie!