Trial Bike World Champion Rides The Unique Cappadocia Landscape

Petr Kraus heads to Turkey to explore the unique and stunning landscape of Cappadocia. This awe-inspiring clip shows trialbiking legend Petr Kraus exploring the unique landscape of Cappadocia in Turkey.


Petr Kraus has won the trialbiking world championship title an amazing three times and was the youngest rider to do so when he took the title in 1994 at the tender age of eighteen.


Known as the land of “The Land of Beautiful Horses”, Cappadocia has some of the most beautiful and unusual landscapes in the world. This barely believable vista is like something from another planet and with the volcanic soil, jutting rocks and stunning mountains it is a bikers dream.


Petr Kraus spent 10 days in Cappadocia riding the terrain and of course the buildings as well as passing on his biking knowledge to local children. Article by Red Bull. Check out the film behind the images. This is a must watch: