Two Surfers Rescue Baby Dolphin Stuck In a Crab Trap

Here’s how the rescue went down straight from the heroes mouth.

‘Three months ago whilst surfing RubenĀ and I rescued a baby dolphin that’s tail was stuck in a crab trap left out by a fisherman, bad fisherman…We first thought it was a shark because of the way it was swimming but soon realised she was almost drowning from the weight of the trap.’

‘We decided to out smart the ‘second smartest’ animal in the world and corner her in the shallow waters nearer the beach which proved a lot harder that we thought because dolphins are smart as shit’

‘It was a long process getting the 5 foot long baby into shallow water to detangle epically with her 8 foot mother watching over us, tail slaps from a fully grown female can kill I read somewhere.’

‘Eventually the mother gave us space and I managed to free her tail from the net, exhausted I held her in the surf for a moment then she re-joined her mum’ – Alex Miller, Superhero

As you can see, not all heroes wear capes, some wear wetsuits.