VIDEO: Insane Longboarder Reaches 70mph

Let’s be honest. Longboarding doesn’t get the best rep. A lot of people tend to pigeon hole the sport, associating it with the cruisy, slower movements involved with longboard surfing. People compare it with street skating, arguing it isn’t as gnarly. Well, if you are one of those people then maybe this video will change your view a little.

Video by Venom Bushings. Follow Venom on instagram @Venombushings or at

Originally released in order to create some hype within the longboarding community for an upcoming skate event, this video of downhill champ Zak Maytum bombing a hill in Colorado and reaching speeds of 70mph has gone viral, grabbing the attention of many outside of the community. And it’s easy to see why, so don’t waste any more time and check it out now!

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