WATCH: ESPN Feature Story – Mick Fanning And The Shark Attack

What a whirl wind year 2015 was for Mick Fanning; he had the horrifying encounter with a shark during the final in J-Bay whilst the whole surfing world watched on in disbelief, then, only a few months on his brother passed away during the Hawaiian stretch of the WSL. After all the drama of last year, Mick has understandably taken some time off the tour and only competing in key events for 2016 – J-Bay was one of those events, Mick was on a mission to ‘right the Wrongs’ from 2015, overcoming his fears, Mick competed in the event and won in true Fanning style.

Those that have been lucky enough to meet Mick will tell you that he is about as genuine and humble as a human-being can get and those that haven’t met him feels as if they’ve been old mates for years – it all made sense when ESPN decided to produce this 20 minute doco-piece with narration from Australian actor Chris Hemsworth about his surfing career, the passing of both of his brothers (Shaun and Pete) and the moment that nearly ended his life in J-Bay last year. This is as real as Mick Fanning gets.