When we heard world class photographer Chris Burkard and outstanding surf film director Ben Weiland were producing a sequel to Russia Outpost Vol.1, we knew we were in for something special.

To us, This meant:

1. Some of the best photography that will ever catch your eye.
2. The most breathtaking locations and surf spots on the planet.
3. The ultimate adventure / journey.

Chris and Ben did not disappoint…

So, Put away your boardshorts and sunscreen and pull out your 4×3’s, welcome to the Faroes islands, a small icy island nation located in the North Atlantic, (not far from Iceland) with a population of under 50,000 and a rainfall of 260 days of the year.

Chris Burkard, Ben Weiland, Dane Gudauskas, Justin Quintal, Sam Hammer and Tyler Warren take us on the ultimate surf adventure in FAROE OUTPOST VOL.2

After planning out a 2 week trip, the team jump on a once a week connecting flight from Iceland to the small Faroe island in search of pumping waves. The team trekked for hours each day in search of potential breaks they’d spotted on Google Earth, only to find that steep cliffs made access impossible.

Instead, stumbling across breathtaking scenery where waterfalls fall off cliffs directly into the ocean and huge grassy mountains would meet the seas, it was a photographers dream.

Photo credit: Chris Burkard

What seemed to be a failed surf mission quickly turned into an amazing discovery, an unexpected storm hit the Faroe Islands and to our surprise, the crew find super fun, barrelling beach breaks, tucked away in between the large mountainous cliffs – the surf session began and the crew were there to capture it.

Photo credit: Chris Burkard

Held together by the soothing voice over of Chris Burkard which pulls you into the journey, the captivating scenery of these amazing secluded islands and not to mention the amazing waves scored by the crew, Faroe Outpost Vol.2 is the ultimate adventure / journey / surf film – if you’re willing to venture off the grid and bare the cold, that is.

Watch FAROES THE OUTPOST VOL.2 now on Garage: