Watch The Terrifying Moment A Skier Is Nearly Buried Alive In An Avalanche

It’s every skiers worst nightmare, the heart-stopping moment every skier dreads – getting swept away and buried alive by a thundering avalanche. What was meant to be an epic ski trip to finish filming their latest ski project turned into a near fatal disaster for Whiteroom Productions. After a 7 day trek to reach their destination hindered by set backs from the law and unfamiliar permits and another 6 hour hike through the night after their van broke down. Van_sm The Whiteroom Productions crew finally touched down at a secluded national park in Western Asia with powder and untouched mountain for as far as they could see. Mountains_sm Excited as hell, Roman Rohrmoser hit the slopes to wrap up his section for the year but halfway through a dream run disaster struck, an avalanche popped following him down the mountain. Not aware of what was going on behind him Roman kept skiing, this ski trip turned for the worst for Roman, the Whiteroom team were there to capture the moment, see what happened next:

Close call for Roman, able to walk away from what could have been a fatal scene with only a busted knee and a few cuts and bruises. Whiteroom were able to carry on and finish their 5th production appropriately titled Trial And Error, Check out the dramatic film behind these series of crazy events, now streaming on Garage Entertainment.