Weird Waves Of The World – Sarpsborg, Norway

Welcome to Weird Waves Of The World vol.12, We’re surfing the rivers of Norway! We’ve had a few river waves throughout the Weird Waves Series but none quite as fun and shred-able as this, it could quite possibly be the best river wave on the map, it actually tubes. Terje-Haakonsen-Stale-sandbech-river-surfing_blog

Chances are if you ever find this place you’ll have it to yourself. This river is unnamed making it extremely hard to locate on the map unless you are familiar with Sarpsborg, Norway.


Unlike the river bore which pushes up river for kilometres, the river wave is a surge of moving water which forms from a shallow part of a river, it is basically a stand still wave, the upside.. you don’t have to paddle out the back to catch it and the down side…if you fall off you’ll end up down stream a few hundred metres!


For this Norwegian river to surge and form properly you’d need a few days of heavy rain to create flooding and a fast flowing river. Legendary snowboarder Terje Haakonsen and Olympic slopestyle silver medallist Ståle Sandbech were in the right place at the right time when the river wave was on, See what the boys get up to on the off season, a little shaky to start with but they get the hang of it:

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