Weird Waves Of The World – Urumea River, Spain

Welcome back to Weird Waves Of The World, we’re heading to Spain to surf the Urumea River located in San Sebastián.

This unique phenomenon isn’t your average river wave, when the swells are big enough and the right direction, the wave is formed in the ocean and pushing through the river mouth of San Sebastián – if it’s too big it can cause complete carnage through the streets as the waves wash over traffic filled bridges, smashing through cafes and taking our pedestrians. 


Local Urumea River surfer and weird waves chaser Anthony Colas Says “If you take off on the first bridge, you can shoot the second one and get tubed (by the bridge)”  “You just have to be careful and make sure the water level is low enough, otherwise you are in trouble.”

The feeling of floating round in the river in the middle of town and watching a set rolling through and splash up on the roads would be incredible. The wave is a little fat so bring your longboard or SUP, it’ll give you that advantage to get on the wave early and ride if for longer.

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