What It’s Really Like To Climb Everest

Everyone knows it as the ultimate climb. Reaching the summit is every mountaineers goal, and hundreds risk their lives each year trying to conquer it. Unfortunately many have died trying to do so as a result of the mountain’s numerous hazards, some of which include icefalls, crevasses, avalanches, a lack of oxygen, and below freezing temperatures.

A new film called ‘Everest’ has just hit cinemas that’s based on the tragic 1996 disaster that claimed the lives of 15 people attempting to climb the mountain. Although a great depiction of what happened, we thought it would be good to share some real footage of what it’s like to climb Everest.

Here’s a scene from the documentary ’40 Days At Base Camp’ that gives us a look at climbing from Base Camp to Camp 1. The route involves trekking through various crevasses which can randomly break apart at any time, and unfortunately several sherpas and climbers have died during this stage of the ascent.



To watch the full video, click below: