What’s Snowkiting You Ask?

Although not as sought after as the staples such as surfing, snowboarding or skateboarding, hybrids have played a huge role in the success of action sports over the years. Some have done hugely well, where as others have completely flopped. From snowboard rugby to skateboard hockey, and surf skiing to grid iron wakeboard fishing, we’ve seen it all. One hybrid that we’re thankful for is snowkiting. Similar to kiteboarding, it’s what happens when you combine snowboarding or skiing with paragliding, and it looks like heaps of fun. 

Here’s a little clip from the snowkiting film ‘Another Way’. The aim of the film is to show the public that mountains can be approached in a different way, rather than just as a ski slope. Snowkiters have the advantage of being able to search for untouched spots off the beaten tracks, and also have the ability to ride both up and down the slopes.



For more snowkiting goodness, click below to watch the full video: