When Seth Enslow Crushed His Skull

In 1999, Enslow made his first attempt to break the overall record at fellow motocross rider Mike Cinqmars’. Enslow was riding a customised Service Honda, which is basically a Honda 250 dirt bike with a 500cc two stroke engine. Enslow started jumping 120-foot (37 m) jumps and gradually pulled the ramp back, finishing with a 240-foot (73 m) jump before calling it a day due to increasing winds.

The next day, the wind was still blowing but it was a tailwind and would not risk pushing Enslow sideways. So, jumping continued with the first jump to be around 220 to 230 feet (67 to 70 m). However, the tail wind was stronger than anticipated and pushed Enslow beyond his landing ramp where he traveled 245 feet (75 m). The flat landing caused Enslow to hit his head on the handlebars which crushed his skull above his right eye. Enslow fell off his bike and paramedics rushed to his aid. An emergency helicopter lifted him to a nearby hospital where the doctors cut him ear to ear, pulled his forehead down and inserted two titanium plates to replace the crushed part of his cranium.

Enslow was recommended by his doctors to not ride his bike for at least six months. However, Enslow ignored this, and four weeks later he broke the overall indoor world record with a 170-foot (52 m) jump at the Los Angeles Coliseum.

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