Why Gerry Lopez Is Still The Most Stylish Surfer Of All Time

In today’s society it’s becoming harder and harder to make an impression as a surfer, or as an athlete of any kind for that matter. We wake up, check our Instagram feed, and before even getting out of bed have watched five or more of the most mind-blowing videos. However, due to the rate at which we are fed this content on a daily basis, by the time we next check our Instagram a half hour later, we’ve completely forgotten anything we watched prior.

So if you are leaving an impression on someone in today’s digital age, well, you’re doing something right. However, if a video that’s over 40 years old is doing the same job, it would be fair to say that video is nothing short of timeless. One of the few examples of this would be the following video of the iconic surfer Gerry Lopez, aka Mr. Pipeline. Lopez is often referred to as one the most stylish surfers of all time, and it’s easy to see why. Despite how old this footage might be, it still leaves a mark in today’s society, and that says a lot about how stylish his surfing really is.

This footage is from the film Aloha Death, which you can watch in full, here: