William Spencer Is Skateboarding Spiderman, literally

Who doesn’t love Spiderman, i’m a grown man and i still love that dude.If you’re a Spiderman lover like me then all your praise and high 5’s should go to William Spencer. William is not your average skateboarder, He is a master of stunts with an awesome resume to back it.william-spencer-wallplant-backflip-los-angeles-sam-mcguireWilliam is the skate/parkour stunt double for THE Spider Man (Andrew Garfield) in The Amazing Spiderman 1 & 2, he’s also played a part in the movie that makes you want to cut sick and party like an animal, Project X.william-spencer-los-angeles-sam-mcguireWilliam knows his sh*t, he’s an Actor, Stuntman, Filmmaker and Internationally renowned skateboarder, watch him in action:

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