The Healing Power Of Surfing

Active, life loving David “Barney” Miller was a passenger in a tragic car accident in 1999. Barney was a gifted surfer prior to the accident that left him a quadriplegic, unable to use his arms and legs again.

He had an idea in his head that the only way he was going to surf again was to do it standing up. Knowing the healing power of the ocean, Barney eventually decided he wanted to get back out there, standing or not. He realised a lot of frustration was coming from how much he missed surfing and being in the water.

Using a customised surfboard along with the loving help of his family and close friends, Barney was once again able to experience the amazing feeling of surfing, finally allowing him to push through and live his life. 

Leading to the release of the film ‘You and Me’, this is the first of multiple Webisodes that show the obstacles Barney must face in his new life. To view the trailer and buy tickets to the cinema release, please visit:

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