How To Leave Everything Behind And Get Away

Everyone at some stage has had the thought of leaving everything behind and going on an adventure by themselves, but very few people actually do. Nick Jaffe, a young man from Australia residing in Berlin, decided to take that plunge.

With very little money he bought an old boat from the 70’s and fixed it up himself (with the help of some very generous and selfless people). He decided to sail from his home in Europe to his other home in Australia through America in 6 months. But at the time he didn’t know anything about sailing. The camera onboard his boat was often Nick’s only companion on a trip that ended up taking over two years.

Besides learning a lot about himself, his resources and his limits, he also learned that nothing is never like we expect. If you are looking for an epic story full of dramas finally overcome, then this is probably not for you. But if you want a realistic, true story with a bitter ending, well, you have come to the right place. Nick’s journey is something that you won’t experience anywhere else.

“In 2006, while living in Berlin, Germany, I bought a sailing boat, and shook hands with the owner to pay it off within six months, or lose it all. I made the payments, and became a boat owner. In 2007 I set sail for Hamburg from Southampton, England, and only made it to Amsterdam. Eight weeks later I turned around and headed for Australia. It took a couple of years. But it’s a much longer story than that.” Nick Jaffe

Between Home captures his reflective musings, his joyful excitement and his isolated struggles in this unique, poetic adventure documentary. Both the freedom and the fragility of cutting oneself from “life issues” has never seemed more powerfully in play as Nick turns his camera out to the ocean with an endless empty horizon in each and every direction.” -Dungog Film festival.

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