6 Must See Waves In Point Break The Movie

Point Break the movie is just around the corner and if you haven’t planned on seeing it, the level of surfing will change your mind. It’s undeniably next level sh*t. When ‘lights, camera, action’ was called, the surf stunt doubles went huge and history was made.

The biggest swell in 4 years hit Hawaii and Jaws was on like Donkey Kong. Chopes was green lit when the swell hit XXL status and the circus came to town. Water photographers, RED cameras, drones, GoPros strapped to athletes, photogs on jetskis, helicopters shooting helicopters, the whole shebang. Every angle covered, no expense spared. Here’s the chaos that went down shooting for the Point Break movie:

Bruce Irons and Dylan Longbottom shared a ridiculous barrel at Teahupo’o (Laurie was suppose to be in Bruces’ possie in the film until the below happened)

Sharing’s caring – Bruce & Dylan

‘Probably one of the best things i’ve done on a wave i reckon’ – Dylan Longbottom

Laurie Towner wiped out on a huge one at Teahupo’o which broke his Jaw, cut up his face and nearly took his life. 

 Laurie bracing for the wipeout

‘Basically can’t remember from when i hit my head to being in the calm water in the lagoon, it’s probably the worst or the scariest wipeout i’ve had, i’m really lucky’ – Laurie Towner 

Makua Rothman and Ian Walsh won the prestigious XXL Big Wave Awards filming at JAWS for the movie. 

Makua on his XXL winner. Photo: Bidu Correia

 ‘It was definitely all time dangerous, i mean as dangerous as Jaws gets, Jaws at it’s craziest you know?’

17-year old Teahupoo local Matahi Drollet (brother of Manoa) stole the show with this Billabong XXL award winning beast.

Photo: Ted Grambeau

‘I think i would have ate shit, i got sucked up but it was fine, i almost fell but i was just focused to keep my nose out of the water’ – Matahi Drollet

James Hollmer-Cross took the biggest wipeout of his life (and one of the biggest we’ve seen) at Pedra Branca which gained him the closing scene in the movie.

Photo: Stu Gibson

‘I thought I was actually gonna die. I almost passed out but I fought it. I came through…it was pretty euphoric actually.’

Catch it all on the big screen in Australian Cinemas from January 1st. Until then, here’s Laurie, Dylan, Bruce and Makua charging Teahupo’o during code red – the day of reckoning, which chances are gained them their stunt double part in Point Break.  

Footage from RAW THE MOVIE