If Wes Anderson made a surf film it would look something like this

If you’re a true surf rat who’s favourite films consist of raw, big-wave surfing accompanied by some heavy rock, then maybe this ain’t your thing. Although if you like something a little more laid-back, or something that offers a different spin on your usual surf film, then Palmera Express might just be what you’re looking for. Oh, and if you like Wes Anderson films you’ll probably like it too…

The film has a loose storyline which follows a group of dudes – consisting of surfers, photographers and filmers – who all end up in Hawaii searching for good waves. A different yet interesting approach to surf film making, this extra element makes for a very entertaining watch. There’s some great cinematography in there, a cool soundtrack, and of course some awesome surfing. 

Accompanied by a varied team that includes Bryce Young, Cam Richards, Derrick Disney, Brendon Gibbens and more, make sure to check it out now on the garage.