Marty Paradisis talks about a little wave called SHIPSTERNS!

I’d been surfing for a few years before I met Andrew Campbell and he pretty much showed me a different side of surfing that I hadn’t really thought about. He first took me down to Shipsterns when I was about 17 and from then on he just inspired me to travel round chasing uncharted waves and experiencing a different kind of feeling.

My progression in big wave surfing pretty much developed just by chasing Shipsterns more and more; I was with a close group of friends who kept track of the weather and every time it looked good we wanted to be down there, we wanted to be the first ones out, we wanted to surf it all day and pretty much from then on we’ve been pushing each other more and more’

– Marty Paradisis, Shippies local legend

No one surfs this place better than Marty Paradisis. Check out Shipsterns in all it’s Glory! Unseen footage from Jack McCoy’s ‘A Deeper Shade of Blue’

A Deeper Shade Of Blue


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