One of the greatest MTB trails in the world, in Chile!

For all the Mountain Bike fanatics out there – this is a MUST holiday destination!! Introducing the amazing Nevados de Chillan Resort and their Nevados Mountain Bike Park! Situated 5 hours from the capitol of Chile, Nevados bike park has become the core destination for the MTB community in the country, and it feels endless!!


One of the top MTB riders, Darcy Turenne, checked out the park with fellow pro riders – looks like they had a ball! Using donkeys as transportation to get to the park, these guys were some of the first to ever trial the trail. Check out a clip here, and keep an eye out for Eric Porter, Chris Van Dine & Steve Smith!

The bike centre is located in the Bio Bio region of the Chilean Andes, surrounded by a trio of mountainous volcanoes consisting of three peaks, the highest reaching 10,538ft! The park was designed for all ages and abilities – there are 8 downhill trails with varying degrees of difficulty (black being the most challenging), it’s the definition of a classic gravity bike park. 


The park is designed specifically to let you enjoy the most satisfying part of the ride, the descent. It’s all about the speed, with mountain lifts taking you to the peak to preserve your energy for the way down!!! 

This park is about pure adrenaline! If you time it right, you can ride through mountainous rock, red dirt, sliding mud, dense forestry and even… SNOW!!!!


Images courtesy of SiEmPrE iR!! producciones

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