South To Sian | The Ultimate Indonesian Roadtrip

Heavily laden with two dirt bikes, a vast array of surfboards and one fifty-dollar tent, Harrison Roach and Zye Norris embark upon one of the great Indonesian surf adventures of their time in Dustin Humphrey’s riveting new film, South To Sian. Beginning in East Nusa Tengerra, the six month journey in a 1970’s Land Rover takes them over pot-holed roads and deep ocean channels before coming to a halt 4000km to the northwest in Lagundri Bay.

With Indonesia being heralded as the motherland of surf exploration, Noosa Heads surfer Harrison Roach is dedicating his life to riding flawless surf throughout its infinite islands. After returning to the country for its world-renowned swell season, Harrison brings younger friend Zye with a plan to visit the countries infamous surf locations, as well as the spots that are yet to be documented.

South To Sian vividly details the journey of the two friends as they experience the country in a completely authentic manner. Watch as they camp under active volcanoes, ride through tropical island chains and surf themselves into sun-baked oblivion on flawless surf, over and over again.


Bali Premiere – 9 Foot & Single – Deus Temple of Enthusiasm, Canggu – May 27th , 7pm 

Japan Premiere – Sound Museum Vision, Tokyo – May 19th 

UK Premiere – All Press Roastery, London – May 20th , 8pm

UAE Premiere – Capital D Studio, Dubai – May 26th 

Thailand Premiere – Bangkok – May 26 th , 6pm

Switzerland Premiere – Visitor Store, Zürich – June 9 th , 7pm

South Africa Premiere – Labia Theatre, Cape Town – June 9 th , 7pm

Italy Premiere – Deus Leica Theatre, Milano – June 23 rd , 9pm

France Premiere – La Surferie, Paris – June 24 th

UK Premiere 2 – Coast Fine Surf & Coffee Shop, Poole – June 25 th 

France Premiere 2 – Darwin, Bordeaux – June 28 th

US Premiere – Deus Emporium of Postmodern Activities, Venice Blvd LA – June 30 th , 7pm

Australian Premiere 2 – Stone & Wood Brewery, Byron Bay – July 1 st , 6pm

Australian Premiere – Sydney – June 30 th

International Release

July 1st 2016

Director – Dustin Humphrey

Producer – Anthony Dodds

Director Of Photography – Andre Cricket

Narration written & read by  – Harrison Roach

Editor – Lincoln Caplice

Primary Still Photography – Woody Gooch


  • Harrison Roach
  • Matt Cuddihy
  • Zye Norris
  • Husni Ridhwan
  • Deni Firdaus
  • Tai Graham
  • Tyler Warren
  • Jared Mell
  • Lewie Dunn
  • Forrest Minchinton
  • Agi Agassi