Swell Of The Decade Hits Jaws

Jaws, located on Hawaii’s north shore region of Peahi, has a reputation for being one of the world’s most insane waves. Considering it can reach a height of 60ft (18m), this comes as absolutely no surprise. Last week Jaws experienced one the largest swells of the past decade, and thankfully for our sake some of Hawaii’s best big wave surfers went to town on it. Filmer Marc Chambers captured this insanity, and explains that “the wave itself seemed to have weeded the crowd out pretty thin, separating the men from the boys. But if you watch this you’ll see that many were also ready to stare this monster of A wave straight in the eye”. Shane Dorian, Albee Layer, Kai Lenny, Aaron Gold and Ian Walsh are just a few names of those who took on this beast of a swell thought to be un-surfable.


For more Jaws looseness, watch Attractive Distractions below: