Taiwan, A Downhill Skateboarding Mecca

Unlike conventional forms of skateboarding, downhill is a relatively new sport, and in fact a completely different ball game. And although the sport is rapidly progressing, the upside to being a downhill skateboarder today is that there is so much yet to be explored in terms of style, tricks, and spots.

At the forefront of the downhill scene is Landyachtz skateboards. With a tight crew of some of the world’s best riders, these guys are constantly pushing the sport, travelling the globe in search of the best downhill locations. They share these travels through a TV series called Skate & Explore, and of the various countries they travel to, one of the stand out’s is undoubtedly Taiwan. With its breathtaking landscapes, unique culture, and epic, unridden hills, Taiwan really is a downhill skateboarding mecca.

Check out the following video from Skate & Explore | Taiwan. For more, watch the full episode below.