Teahupoo UNCUT

Already listed on Transworld Surf’s list of the Top 10 Deadliest Waves, on August 27th 2011 a massive southern swell slammed into Teahupo’o, Tahiti. The waves ranged up to a healthy 25ft but it was the mass of water above the rider’s head that makes these some of the heaviest waves on earth. This Billabong surf contest was supposed to be a paddle-in event but the waves were too big to paddle into and riders were towed into the waves. Now captured UNCUT for the first time, witness up close this Teahuppo’o phenomenon. Winner of three 2011 Surfer Poll Awards, the footage in this film has to be seen to be believed. Features some of the biggest names in surfing including Bruce Irons, Nathan Fletcher, Koby Abberton, Ryan Hipwood, Alex Gray, Mick Fanning and Joel Parkinson.

To watch Teahupoo Raw and Uncut click here