Behind the Scenes of Downhill Mountain Biking

Clay Porter has been travelling the globe to capture the best of biking for our viewing pleasure! The acclaimed filmmaker followed the hectic 2008 World Cup Series to give us an insight into the non-stop, high-pressure world of downhill mountain biking. After the Australian rider Sam Hill dominated the 2007 World Cup series, the pressure was on to perform. Labelled one of the most exciting and feared competitors in modern downhill biking, many thought Hill had the speed and strength to leave undefeated. Facing opposition from athletes hungry to steal Hill’s title, you know this is going to be intense!

If you want an exclusive insight into the downhill mountain biking world, this is a must-see! Clay Porter goes behind the scenes to give us an intimate view of the sport and it’s top competitors. Catch the non-stop bike movie, ‘The Tipping Point’, available on Garage now!