There are many different ways to drop off the grid, but few dropped off with such style and urgency as Dorian Paskowitz, the paterfamilias of what is lovingly and at times enviably described as the first family of surfing are featured in this surfing video. It was an intensity in part born of his passionately felt engagement with history as a Jewish American, which took him from Stanford Medical School in the 1940s to button-down respectability in the 1950s and, thereafter, on the road and into the blue yonder with a devoted wife, nine children, a succession of battered campers and the surfboards that were by turns the family’s cradles, playpens, lifelines, and shields.

Documentary directed by Doug Pray – take a look into his wonderfully engaging look at love, family, the relentless pursuit of happiness, personal meaning, and perfect waves.

Watch ‘SURFWISE’ on Garage Films here